Rewire Your Approach to Talent.

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We are cultivating a network of employers who want to create lasting change for their workforce and their business. We are demonstrating the business value of rewiring talent practices so that companies can effectively meet the demands of the changing workforce demographics in the U.S. Our network of employers is improving the livelihood of underemployed populations and delivering a return on investment to their companies. This is “Opportunity Employment.”

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Talent Rewire’s Innovation Labs are a collaborative, expert-led community of your peers.

If you’re a Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, or Operations leader at your company looking to pilot innovative and evidence-based approaches to hire, retain, and advance new pools of talent, Talent Rewire’s Innovation Lab is for you!

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Employer Community

Learn how employers are simultaneously reducing barriers, creating opportunities and generating business value.

“The Innovation Lab allowed T-Mobile to build a program quicker and better than we could have done alone. Leveraging insights and problem solving in a safe, noncompetitive environment with other employers provided an immeasurable impact to support T-Mobile and our employees.”