Rewire Accelerator

Jumpstart Your Opportunity Employment Journey

The Rewire Accelerator is a 2-3 day in-person, action-oriented experience designed to help HR, CSR, and Operations leaders identify, understand and design solutions for real and immediate business problems they face with recruiting, retaining, or advancing their frontline workforce.

Why Participate

Change is hard, but we can help. Through the Rewire Accelerator, you will:

Develop a deeper understanding of the drivers of your current and potential talent pain points


Build your capacity to apply evidence-based solutions that have the most potential to achieve your business goals and positively impact employee experience


Identify the data and champions you need to make the case for piloting and scaling new talent practices and policies


Join a local and national community of employers who are committed to rewiring talent systems to achieve both social and business impact


Have fun in an environment that encourages peer learning, experimentation, creativity and unconditional support


How the Rewire Accelerator Works

Bringing together cohorts of employers, the Accelerator will build a community of teachers and learners in an environment that encourages peer learning, experimentation, creativity, and unconditional support. The Rewire Accelerator is specifically designed for HR, CSR, or Operations leaders or Inspired Intrapreneurs looking for additional insight on how to successfully pilot Opportunity Employment practice change. After a few days together you will leave inspired and equipped with the resources and tools needed to build your capacity to innovate and test new talent strategies that address your most pressing frontline talent challenges.

Upcoming Accelerators

Talent Rewire conducts place-based and national labs across industries with companies of varying size and structure. If you don’t see a lab that applies to you please reach out to us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Join a Rewire Accelerator

To learn more about how a Rewire Accelerator can help you, complete the form and we’ll be in touch.